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Interactive Data

Cancer Rates



Each census tract has a specific colour related to cancer rates.

Donut charts represent the total population.
Total population changes based on how many census tracts are selected.
Click any section(s) of the chart to make a selection. Click again to deselect.

Cancer Rate

When a graph is selected, two related events occur.

1. Census tracts are highlighted on the map.

2. The highlighted census tracts define a new, smaller, range of data. All graphs adust to this new range.

Graphs only include data from highlighted regions on the map.

These graphs sort regions based on socio-economic data.


Family Income



The bars represent the number of highlighted census tracts per region.

Click the bars to sort data from specified regions.

Sort data based on cancer rates, region and socio-economic data.

Customize your search by combining selections from multiple charts.

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Data visualizations by Pete Smaluck